Features and Disadvantages of Luxeritas【Free WordPress theme】


I felt Luxeritas is the strongest in the free  WordPress theme in Japan.

I was using Luxeritas for WordPress theme.
So far, I’ve changed the free theme about three times and settled down in Luxeritas (but now I use Genesis framework).

The author’s official page has also introduced a variety of features, but I’ll summarize the recommended points and weaknesses.

To those who are looking for a good WordPress theme, I think it would be helpful selection.

the good points of Luxeritas

Imitating the structure of the genesis framework, seo’s strongest theme

“Genesis Framework" is the strongest SEO WordPress theme that Matt Katz, a key engine developer, uses for his blog.

The developer of Luxeritas analyzes this “Genesis Framework" and extracts only the parts that are strong in SEO. In other words, it can be said that it has same SEO as the strongest theme in the world are being done.

In fact, in the original blog less than 10 articles, some articles were displayed neatly in the top Google search.

Reference: Luxeritas Developer Recommended Paid WordPress Themes

Fastest level display speed

The official page using Luxeritas has a score of 99-100, almost perfect for google pagespeed Insights and GTmetrix. I’ve used an overseas theme that claims to be lightweight and fast, but it still didn’t go that far.

I measured the speed with PageSpeed Insights some other themes, the following points were a problem.

  • Resources that prevent rendering
    • Delay due to loading HTML and CSS
    • Delay due to Loading Javascript
      (jquery.js, jquery-migrate.min.js, etc.)
  • Heavy images

Luxeritas accelerates the display by addressing these issues in the following areas:

  • Compression and coupling of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Asynchronous read

In fact, this blog in the another theme was a score of about 60-70 points, luxeritas was a good score of 90 points or more without any special setting.

Fully responsive and AMP-enabled

Responsive Design with Bootstrap

You can display the site created without being conscious of anything unified in smartphone, tablet, PC.

This is based on a framework for responsive design called Bootstrap, but bootstrap has the disadvantage of heavy file sizes. Luxeritas has its ability to be as minimal as necessary, and it’s lightweight and faster.

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a mechanism for displaying pages at high speed on mobile.About four times, the display seems to be faster, it is advantageous in SEO.

However, in AMP, the page design collapses at the cost of speed, google search console may get an error. In such a case, you can disable AMP only on the appropriate page.

AMP-enabled (multi-function AMP not possible with plug-ins)

Customize your design freely

There are a lot of the customizability and the function of the design. In terms of design, you can edit the sidebar, column configuration, and header and footer from text and link colors.In terms of functionality, there are a lot of things that do not require plug-ins such as high-performance editor, shortcode registration function, and high-speed setting.

The editing of child themes is easy to use and you can edit the following files directly from the wordpress dashboard:

  • Style.css
  • Head Tag/Footer
  • head, body
  • Functions.php

To write google search console, google analytics, and google adsense, etc. it was useful to paste the code.

Luxeritas Drawbacks

I know that it is very presumptuous to say the disadvantage to the high-performance and free theme (honestly, I think it is superior to the domestic paid theme) . I dare say…

Standard design is simple

The paid theme is a site of cool appearance. Luxeritas, on the other hand, has a simple design that is easy for users to customize. Therefore, if you want to make a fashionable blog, it takes effort and sense to create from scratch.

In this point, I think it’s enough to care. Because there are a lot of code examples of css on the net now, even beginners can edit style.css if it is not quite elaborate.

By the way, recently, “change the blog design in a dress-up manner based on Luxeritas" feature called design file function has been added. As of December 2018, there are six 10 design files.

The source is displayed in the footer

In the Luxeritas theme, the wording “WordPress Luxeritas Theme is provided by Thought is free.".  is shown in the footer. If you try to erase by force, the theme itself may become unusable. For this, the source display erase plugin from developer Luna is sold for 5230 yen.

Considering that many paid themes are less than 10,000 yen, this price is quite conscientious in the function of the paid theme class.

Above, it is an impression that I actually used Luxeritas.I hope it will be helpful in selecting a theme.